PS3 Move Sports Champions Pro Kit Accessory Review

By Booya Gadget

A hands on review of an accessory kit for Sports Champions.

PS3 Move Sports Champions Accessory CTA Digital Booya Gadget
PS3 Move Sports Champions Accessory CTA Digital

CTA Digital pumps out a lot of Playstation Accessories both for the PS3 Move and other games too.  They do they get a thumbs up from Booya Gadget for sending us some equipment to go through the Booya Grinder for a review and test drive for you!  I think CTA is probably best known for their Assault Rifles but I was excited to get my hands on their Sports Champions Professional Sports Kit.

“Cost is OK, but considering that 2/4 of the items are likely not suitable for high performance required in Ultimate Cup, I do wish it were cheaper.”

Sports Champions Move Accessories CTA Digital Video Review

A quick summary is that I give the product bundle mixed reviews.  Cost is “OK”, but considering that 2/4 of the items are likely not suitable for high performance required in Ultimate Cup, I do wish it were cheaper.  If you’re a parent, it would be a decent stocking stuffer or Birthday Gift.  If you’re a gamer, then read on as it turns into a “maybe”.  Basically, if the 2 pieces that I give a thumbs up to happen to match your favorite game modes then it’s up to you.  I do think it would be possible to break some of the plastic over time, but I really didn’t want to push it to hard.  I think the part most susceptible to breakage would be the “locking mechanism” on the universal Move Sleeve.  So be careful with that part.  When you set it all up correctly, it shouldn’t be a problem.  But if you rock mega rough man-hands you could break a key piece.  Probably would be repairable, or if it did happen, you could reach out to CTA, they may hook you up.  My interactions with CTA Digital have been great, but just be careful during setup and it won’t be a problem..But “stuff happens”!

Since I only certify 2/4 of the items, I would prefer this to be cheaper.   Searching around, the cost seemed to be about $20-$30.  Of course I hate waiting for shipping so you might just jam down to your local Gamestop or similar store. We’ll provide you with a few purchase options, but do your thing when it comes to shopping.

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PS3 Move Sports Champions Accessory Review CTA Digital
Sports Champions Accessory Table Tennis and Frisbee
  • Disc Golf Accessory..  This is the best piece of equipment in the box.  I quite enjoy Disc Golf, and for gamers that struggle with the perception of holding a real frisbee, this may help you out tremendously.  The Move fits quite well in it’s snug cubby, and even if you’re a big dude like me with large hands, it still works fine.  I do, indeed, like this piece of equipment.

  • Gladiator Accessory..  I do like this equipment as well.  I was concerned I’d hate this, but it’s solid.  You use the “universal” cradle and attach it to the sword.  While your 2nd move ( if applicable ) slides right into the Shield.  That shield is about the size of my outstretched palm, but any bigger and you might as well try and get an Extra position in Braveheart.  Once again, I like it because it helps you “get the feel” of really fighting.  I picked it up, took out Frankie without a thought.  That’s the secret sauce of Sports Champions, you gotta forget that you’re holding a Move with a glowing light on the end !

Archery Accessory by CTA Digital Bow n Arrow booya gadget
Archery Accessory by CTA Digital Bow n Arrow
The BAD :(  

These 2 just aren’t for me.  Maybe for non-competetive gamers though.

  • Table Tennis / Ping Pong Accessory:  YIKES!  I do believe that the engineer that designed this equipment was on “something” when he/she designed the paddle.  There is no way they’ve watched our 20+ Move videos on YouTube.  I don’t think the engineer has even played the game.  For if the did, they would know that they really screwed up.  I could have helped with just a 10 minute phone call, seriously.  The major design flaw is that the paddle’s “face” needs to be rotated 90 degrees.   I was not able to “fake out Move calibration” to account for this error.  I roll Ultimate, and I could not win Silver with this equipment, it made me worse, it made me angry!   Watch in the video, I am forced to play wrong, and it really took away from my experience.  I could probably make something better with Duct Tape and super glue.  I was frustrated.  I was most excited because Table-Tennis is my #1 game on Sports Champions.. DANG IT!

  • Archery Bow n Arrow:  This does work and doesn’t suffer from the major design flaw like Ping-Pong.  As a very casual gamer, you might be fine with it, but when it comes to Sports Champs ( Zynga Games ) I’m not casual.  I love the game because of simulation.  What I actually recommend would be to cut the string and just use the Bow piece as a visual reference for your body.  Does the elastic cable snap the back of your hand ?  YES it does.  Do you grab with your finger, NO the “Arrow grabber” has a little notch, so that’s plastic grabbing elastic.  Again, that’s fine for the casual folks, but there is no way you can beat Ultimate Cup and keep your sanity.  BUT, if you cut that string, then you would be good to go.

Sports Champions box Accessories CTA Digital booya gadget
Sports Champions box Accessories
Sports Champions Gladiator Accessories by CTA Digital booya gadget
Sports Champions Gladiator Accessories by CTA Digital

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