Must Have Xoom or iPad Accessory, the Capacitive Stylus. Yes!

By Booya Gadget

Look, I know a simple Stylus is not groundbreaking technology, but I could not resist purchasing one for my new shiny Motorola Xoom, and now I am officially a Stylus Snob.

Best Accessories for iPad and Xoom the Stylus Capacitive ACase booya
ACase Capacitive Stylus

I love it!  After just a single day of giving my new ACase Capacitive Stylus a test drive, now I find myself seeking it every time I pickup my Tablet.  If you have never tried a stylus on your iPad, iPad2, Xoom or other tablet, now is the time I highly recommend it.  This device will improve your experience.

After reading around myself, I found that there is some unofficial debate around using this game-changing accessory.  DO NOT fall victim to keeping up with the Joneses, try this for yourself !  Nobody can tell you it’s not cool, or it sucks.  I was not going to write an article on it, but because it changed the way I use my Android Honeycomb powered Xoom overnight I felt compelled to jump on WordPress and write this in hopes of turning you to the Dark Side, the Stylus Users Club !

There are a couple instant benefits.  #1 by far is that your screen will stay cleaner.  You will, in fact, clean your screen less.  You can now eat Hot Wings AND use your tablet, which is clearly what most of us have always wanted.  There is nothing more embarassing than flexing your Xoom’s muscles for a friend and saying: “sorry, excuse the disgusting grease marks on the screen from my dirty index finger”.  You will still need to utilize your top booger picking finger, but way less.  This, I will not debate, it is true.  Another instant benefit is the accuracy you will receive using this accessory.  Sometimes with my large blog-writing man-hands I mis-fire on my touch screen efforts, the Stylus has significantly improved my accuracy.  Big finger-havers you’ll be relieved.

must have accessories iPad android Stylus x Construction Booya
You can build bridges with your new Stylus

I threw the term “Capacitive” in the title intentionally  because it is a technology associated with both your tablet and the actual stylus itself.  If you want to know the super-duper-tech details then you can get your Wiki-On -“What is Capacitive Technology?”.  But I can save you the white-paper read by telling you that “Capacitive Technolgy” is a way to optimize the interaction between your finger and your touch screen device.  Have you noticed that your tablet is damn sensitive and accurate when it comes to your touch ?  That is the magic happening, so when shopping for a stylus, you should get the reciprocal feature on it as well. Simply stated:  the “Capacitive” feature of a stylus/tablet enhances the accuracy of your interaction with the device.  You do NOT have to jam your finger on your tablet to make it do your bidding, that’s what I’m talking about.

must have accessories iPad android Stylus Music Booya
Listen to Al B Sure controlled with your Stylus

I bought my Stylus from Amazon, for $13.95.  Shop around you may be able to get a better deal, or buy local etc.  But this is absolutely worth a shot.  I am ashamed of myself for never having tried it before, but this is my first tablet as well. If you do happen to have multiple touch screen devices, which is likely if you’re reading this article then you will be glad to know I also use this on both my Android myTouch 3g slide AND Windows Phone 7 smart phones. I found that it has different quality and impact from device to device, but there is ZERO DOUBT in my mind that this ACase Stylus ROCKS for my Xoom.  I also believe that your selected screen protection system may have impact.  If you’re wondering, on my Xoom, I selected the Skinomi(Available on Amazon) protection system which I am still very satisfied with.

must have accessories ipad android Stylus review acase Booya
Remove Gaddafi from Power with your Stylus today !

If you already use a Stylus, leave a comment below to help me push the next reader over the edge… If you think I’m a jive-ass turkey for recommended stylus usage, then let me know why.  I like a healthy debate.  Until then, Stylus-4-Life.

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