Review: MLB 11 The Show PS3 Move Support in Homerun Derby

By Booya Gadget

WOW, YES, Right-on, Badass !  I was extremely impressed with my test drive using the Playstation Move for a little Major League Baseball Home Run Derby mode in MLB 11 the Show.

PS3 Move Basbeall MLB 11 The Show Homerun Derby Booya Gadget Review
I felt just like Pujols, awesome move support for MLB 11 the show

I’ve played a lot of baseball in my life, so I was skeptical about the integration of the popular PS Move motion controller to hit home runs.  All my skepticism was waxed in just a couple hours of play.  I loved Sports Champions for it’s dedicated Move support, and at this point I am going to say that The Show nailed it.

Let me make it clear, HR Derby is the only gameplay mode currently supported with the Move, and now I feel bad for XBox owners (I am one too, but I own both) because they don’t even get a chance to  play this game.  I love my kinect, but what would I swing ? A real bat in my bedroom ?  This is the advantage the Move has over Kinect, but this article is not Move vs Kinect, but I immediately thought about it when writing this.

You can play Local-Multiplayer and you don’t need multiple moves to do so.  One of mine ran out of battery juice so I used only 1 controller for multiple batters when I squared up Albert Pujols vs Prince Fielder.  For you whacky left-handers out there, I found zero impact on hitting from either side of the plate so there will be no excuses unless lighting in your gameplay room varies significantly by section.

PS3 Move baseball MLB 11 The Show Homerun Derby booya
Red is your deepest shot, in this case 482' #WINNING!

TIPS n Tricks n How To:

  • Don’t over-swing
  • Swing Up, and find that perfect trajectory, it is somewhere between 45 and 55 degrees. You will smash the ball.
  • If you’re hitting middle and opposite field bombs only, really exaggerate pulling the ball my furthest shots ( indicated by Red Trajectory in the post game analysis ) were indeed to Center field or when I pulled the ball.
  • If you get tired, you can take a pitch with no penalty. better to take a pitch than rush a swing and an out.
  • Find a rhythm, wash rinse repeat that action.  I was able to get in a groove a few times up to 4 bombs straight.
  • Use the wrist-strap.  You’ll work up a little sweat, there is a risk of throwing your controller straight into someone’s face or your TV.

View the Full Set of Extra images of MLB 11 The Show Homerun Derby with the Move at our Flickr Site.

Overall, I just had a blast test driving the Move with this game, it could be the type of thing that will make people go for their first purchase of the Playstation itself.  This is the #1 Baseball simulator on any console, possibly of all time.  Graphics are amazing, and I assure you it is much more gratifying hitting your own home run than using the 6 axis controller.

I have two fantastic demonstration videos all ready to give you the complete rundown of this awesome game and Move functionality.  I show you a quick taste of smashing bombs with Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees, followed by a more detailed analysis and review of a battle between Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder.  This game is highly recommended for the baseball nuts out there, and the Move support is incredible if you don’t mind only using it during Homerun Derby.  Our high def YouTube Videos from our Channel(HERE) should give you an even better perspective so you can decide for yourself if this is something you’re interested in.

Alex Rodriguez Quick Summary

MLB 11 HomeRun Derby using A-Rod direct link to youtube

Pujols vs P.Fielder full Move review, demo, tips supporting this article

MLB 11 HomeRun Derby using Pujols direct link to youtube

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