Best Android Apps: Vaulty Free Hides Pictures

By Booya Gadget

Here we take a look at the popular Android App Vaulty. A way to hide private photos on your phone against unwanted viewing.

Vaulty falls into the “kids” category in the google play store. Vaulty Free Hides Pictures by Theron Rogers is is one of the hottest apps on the market and is PERFECT for parents. Have you ever had a picture on your phone you would never want your kids to see?  Well this application hides your pictures and videos on your Android device, locking them away in a secure vault protected by password of your choosing. I absolutely LOVE this application and can no longer imagine life without it.

How it works

I was concerned that it would be difficult to move pictures or videos to and from the vault, but when I tried the app, my worries were laid to rest. The process is the same as sharing a picture on Facebook, or sending a picture via text message. You go to your picture (or video) gallery, select the picture, share the picture to Vaulty Free, and BOOYA! Your picture is stashed. When you first download the application you will immediately set up a password you will have to enter upon adding or removing files from the vault. Once you set up your password…moving pictures back and forth is no problem.

Best Android Apps: Vaulty Free Hides Pictures booya gadget
Vaulty screenshots from Play Store

Why would you use Vaulty Free?

I believe this application is wonderful for parents, I know I have a few pics I would never want to get rid of, but may not be appropriate for my son to stumble upon. I have also misplaced a phone or two in the past and this application would eliminate my worst nightmare; thinking about someone going through my most private pictures and videos.

I don’t think you need to be a parent to take advantage of Vaulty Free. If you have special pictures or videos of any kind that you just don’t want people to see; now you don’t have to delete them.

Easy to Use

This application is simple and effective, share, enter your password, and it’s in the vault. It will no longer show up in your gallery. But if you want to put it back in your gallery? Not a problem. Go into Vaulty Free, long press the picture and select “unvault” and its back.

There is a paid Version of this application called Hide Pictures in Stocks App. The paid version has several bonus features, but for all intensive purposes it does the same thing. The paid version of the application looks & works like a financial-stock application unless you have the password, this provides even greater privacy. Here are some other features you will get with the paid version that are not available on Vaulty Free:

  • App Concealed as stocks app
  • Can share hidden media
  • Can “slide show” your hidden media
  • Can rotate hidden pictures
  • No ads
  • Can conceal movie images


I tried every way I knew how to get to the pictures in the vault without using my password and was unsuccessful. I scoured several file organizing applications and could never even find a file with a name Vaulty Free, much less a picture. I now feel like I can control and seal the content on my phone I don’t want others or my son to see…it’s a very comforting feeling. If I misplace my phone I won’t be worried about lovely pictures or video of my wife showing up on the Internet. In this information age with so little privacy this application has greatly increased my confidence. I know the pictures and videos on my phone are safe.

Best Android Apps: Vaulty Free Hides Pictures 2 booya gadget
vaulty vertical sample screens


If you have pictures or videos on your phone you just don’t want your kids, coworkers, or strangers to see…this application is an absolute MUST OWN. It’s one of those applications after you’ve owned for a while you’ll wonder what you did without it. The application is free, it was developed by Theron Rogers, and it does exactly what it claims. I would strongly recommend downloading this application, there is a reason this is the most popular application at the Android market under the “kids” category. Booya!

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