Best Billiards - Pool for Xoom or Android: Pool Break Pro Review

By Booya Gadget

If you're looking for one of the best Billiards or Pool games for Android, here you go.

Pool Break Pro, by Kinetic Bytes is the best Billiards game for the Xoom and Android devices out there. I had been looking for a while, and I was pumped up to get this game for FREE when it was the “Free App” of the day at the Amazon Appstore for Android. If you don’t go there every day, you’re crazy! Pool Break Pro does have a great trial version, and the paid version comes in at $2.99.

This is a must have for my devices, I always get a billiards game, and the huge requirement is online play which this does offer! I love playing Pool in real life, so I found I was even able to use the aiming system I learned when I took a class in college ( yes, electives my senior year ). For me, a great Billiards game is a MUST HAVE for any device, and you’ve found it!

Xoom Android Best Billiards Game for Tablet
Beautiful Graphics on my Xoom or your Droid!

Graphically, no other Pool game can touch Pool Break Pro. Pinch Zoom in and out, rotate above and flat to the table.  Top Spin, Back Spin and adjust the Cue in basically any fashion you want.  The beauty of this is that it makes it great simulation.  This is important to me, because it rewards good players that know how to “shape” their shots to setup their next which is really how you become a great pool player in games or real life.   Another huge bonus to some Android users ( especially us with the Motorola Xoom Tablet ) is that you can certainly play this using your HDMI out cable, and get a beautiful high quality graphic gameplay on your nice LCD or Plasma TV like my Samsung 6500.

SNOOKER Best Billiards Game Pool Android Xoom Tablet Pool Break Pro Review
Pool Break pro Snooker

Besides the dazzling graphics, PBP has great gameplay to satisfy your Billiards urges.  The game  features the ability to play Online, against a friend ( pass n play ) or versus the built in Droid Artificial Intelligence which I found sufficiently challenging.  Multiplayer online is the way to go of course, and this game can be a great night-cap for you.

The competition just doesn’t touch this game, check out Pool Master Pro for yourself.  It had graphic glitches on my Xoom, and frankly is no where near the quality of Pool Break Pro.  It is addicting and easily surpasses the competition.  I hope there is more competition in fact, because there can never be too many great Billiards games!

We have a few more Pictures of Pool Break Pro on our Flickr Page

But more importantly, check out our Billiards Gameplay Video Review shot in High Def!

**Buy Pool Break Pro: the BEST Billiards game for Android now for $2.99  AMAZON APPSTORE or Google Play Store **