Android Games: X Construction Spoiler – Guide for Crossing 11 – 14

By Booya Gadget

We've already reviewed X Construction which is one of the best games for the Android, which I rock on my Motorola Xoom. So here is how to beat crossings 11-14 in a video walkthru.

After releasing our article, and video for Crossings 1-10 I was finally able to keep it pumpin’ by completing Crossing 11, Crossing 12, Crossing 13 and finally Crossing 14! These levels are getting very very nasty indeed, so please feel no shame in coming here to get a little assist!

Android X Construction Crossing 12
Celebrating Crossing 12 via HDMI Out on my Xoom to Samsung 6500

What you likely came here for is actual help, and here you go: Android’s popular X Construction Crossings 11-14 SPOILER-Help-How To Video!