PSP Mini - Let's Golf


Here we take first look and provide an introduction and review of the fun arcade style game, Let's Golf.

Another PSPS MINI from the PSN, this time we head out to play some golf. This Golf Mini sports 4 Golf Courses with 4 unique characters. The characters are customizable and each carry a different set of abilities. Fiji Beach, American Mountains, English Countryside, and Scottish Lochs are the featured locations in the game and there is a multiplayer option for the PSP.

PSP MINI Lets Golf Review Booya Gadget 1
Character Selection

There are four different game modes in the game:

  • Instant Golf- This is a quick 3 Hole round of Golf.  The game randomly selects the holes from the 4 courses in the game.  This mode is excellent for those who are looking for a quick golf fix, while out on the go.
  • Hot Seat- This is the Multi-player mode.  In this mode players can use one PSP and play together by passing the PSP in a turn-based golf round.  A very nice addition for a Mini.
  • Tournament- This mode allows for a deeper, more challenging round of golf. Users can play in 9 or 18 hole tournaments against the CPU, unlocking customizable items for their characters.  Only two of the four characters are selectable when you begin tournaments, users will have to unlock the other two by winning matches.  There are different levels of difficulty as well to make the game a bit more challenging and much more enjoyable.
  • Free Hole- This mode lets golfers select any of the holes within the game to play at their leisure.  Great for playing holes that have challenged you in the past.


No real surprises here as Let’s Golf uses the old standby- 3 click Golf.  Hit the X button to start your swing, hit the X button at the top of the arc to set your power, then hit the X button one final time right in the middle of the green bar to set your accuracy.  If you have ever play a round of Hot Shots Golf this will feel very familiar.

Using Triangle you can take a look around before your swing to check your landing zone. Using the D-Pad you can move the direction of your shot to the left or right.  A wind meter will let you know the current conditions before you grip it and rip it.

PSP MINI Lets Golf Review Booya Gadget Swing Meter
Swing Meter

One facet of the shot screen I didn’t like was that once you have set up your shot the power bar is not on the screen.  After you press X, the power bar appears and starts its climb to the top, you will notice this in the video.  For some reason this seemed uncomfortable for me, but I did learn that if you don’t hit X at the top of the swing the power bar will return to the bottom and start over.

Putting is your typical grid layout where red is high and blue is low.  Small dots will move left to right at various speeds to show you the break on the green.  Another problem I had with the game was that you only were allowed a behind the golfer view and behind the hole view of the green.  For very long putts in the game it was difficult to get a good read on the green without a closer look.

PSP MINI Lets Golf Review Booya Gadget Putting
Lets Golf Putting

Want a closer look at the game? Watch our Let’s Golf Gameplay Video.

Final Thoughts

Overall I thought this was a very simple and easy Golf game.  Because of the price tag, which is FREE for PSN Plus subscribers I would have to recommend anyone looking for a Golf fix on their PS Vita should grab this from the PSN.  However, I can’t say that I prefer to play it daily.  If it came down to buying this MINI, I would probably spend the extra few bucks on Hot Shots Golf.

Hot Shots Golf is a much deeper Arcade Golf Game that gives you alot more characters, more courses, better ball physics, a deep career mode,  and online multi-player.  The other edge to Hot Shots is that a round of 9 holes will take you the same time on Hot Shots as it does on Let’s Golf.  I am a big fan of the Hot Shots Series so I am probably harder on this game than most, but to re-iterate, this game is FREE on the PSN for Plus Subscribers so pick it up today. Booya!