Samsung Remote Free App for iPhone, Control your TV with a phone. Now use myTifi

By Booya Gadget

I love my Samsung 6500 internet ready TV and I've already reviewed it. So I love that this TV flexes it's muscles and let's me use my iPhone as a remote control! This free app from the appstore does work, so don't be turned off by all the mixed reviews.

In fact I threw a fresh review on top today so that people know that it does work. Not only does it totally simulate all functionality of the actual remote control, but it works great on my Motorola ( Android ) Xoom as well! So I’m in the choir, and if others are having a hard time, I believe it is simply incompatibility issues or user error. The app is free, so just try it out if you have this setup if it works, give us a virtual high five, if it totally bombs for your setup, then NEXT APP!

UPDATE NOV 2012  Samsung waxed this app!

iPhone Samsung Remote App for TV 6500 Booya Gadget
TV Remote, And game pad for Samsung TV Games!
myTifi iphone ipad samsung remote app Samsung Remote Booya Gadget
This is the new myTifi app that is available in iTunes. I tested today successfully.


I do use this app often, and I’m totally satisfied.  I really had to do nothing to set this up.  Your TV MUST be on the same home network.  In my case I have a DLink DIR 655 router (now I use cisco linksys e4200 ), but I’m convinced it will work on any reasonable setup if you have a router, and your TV is using the Samsung WiFi adapter or even hardwired.  To make it extra clear, your iPhone must be on WiFi as well.  When you fire it up, the app will kick in to Auto Discovery Mode and recognize your TV.  After that, it just takes a little time to get used to.  If you are “booya minded” then you won’t mind taking a peek at the Manual that is already provided within the app itself.   Make sure to read the supported televisions in the app description !

iPhone Samsung Remote App for TV Auto Discovery Booya Gadget
iPhone Remote App Found my TV

This is a great FREE app, and it’s worth a test drive and a little bit of your time.   As a tech blogger, you should not be surprised that I have a buttload of smart phones and devices, so my iPhone is kind of an extra remote just laying around for whenever I need it.  I really enjoy my iPhone and the functionality of this app with my beloved Samsung 6500 LED LCD 46″ Television !

Video Demonstration of my iPhone 3g as a Remote Control for my Samsung 6500 TV