Owner Review: LG LSB316 Sound Bar & Wireless Subwoofer (GOOD!)

By Booya Gadget

I have now owned the LG LSB316 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer for about 12 months at the time of this article and I'm extremely happy with this product.

LG LSB316 280W Sound Bar Review Booya Gadget
No More Speaker Cables LG Soundbar LSB316

I purchased this from my local BestBuy which I regret now because of significant price drops in recent months, bad for me, great for you! I acquired this product for some very specific reasons which I will cover below but know that if you’re shopping for home audio sound bars this is a solid choice both in my opinion and the opinion of most Amazon reviewers as well as indicated by a 3.9/5 star average. Checking some pricing today, expect somewhere around $270-$300.

UPDATE JUNE 2012. I can now confirm that you can receive bluetooth audio from the soundbar as well. Yes, it can send the audio signal ( from a TV/Movie etc ) TO your own bluetooth headset. I love this feature, great for late night movie watching. I pressed and held the BlueTooth button on the remote control! YES!!


This year I’m in some kind of strange “get rid of crap” phase. This includes ditching massive home audio speakers, expensive receivers, and the many tentacle-like power, audio, and other related speaker cables that come with a fancy-dancy setup. No longer do I need the huge tower speakers and large space hogging gadgets, besides, smaller and more powerful is the trend of the times. Another key feature I wanted was easy Bluetooth audio connectivity to my home audio system. And ultimately, I tend not to enjoy TV only speakers and prefer just a little more than standard TV speakers can offer. Remember, this also gets rid of tens of feet of speaker cables! This sound bar system nailed all my desires.

LG LSB316 280W Sound Bar Review Booya Gadget
LG LSB316 Sound Bar Replaces All This Crap

It should be no surprise, that this device will not win you any audio competitions, but it also won’t break your bank. For my needs it is perfect and exactly what I was looking for, an upgrade over TV speakers in a small footprint. Initially I was skeptical of the wireless subwoofer, but it is actually a pretty nice little sub and I would never rock the sound bar without it. The wireless connectivity also works very well. My subwoofer is about 12 feet away from my TV, totally separated. This is a nice feature because it allows me to kind of secretly store away my Sub and clear even more clutter and cables from around my TV. I consider the audio quality overall, for TV,Movies, and Music “pretty good”. If you’re a total audiophile, then maybe you should consider a higher end system but for the average consumer out there I believe you’ll be pleased. If you’re the type, you could certainly throw a nice party and play DJ from your pocket! I really enjoy listening to my music through this device.

LG LSB316 280W Sound Bar Review Booya Gadget
Right Side Speaker Closeup. Speakers are exposed

If you’ve followed us much at Booya you know I own and test a lot of different gadgets. I had 100% Bluetooth streaming success with all my toys, including Windows Phone 7, Android Tab and Phone, iPhone and iPad. To connect your device, set the input mode of the LG LSB316 Sound Bar into Bluetooth Mode and it is “always listening” and ready for your device to connect. Not all is perfect though. I found I had to “play around” a little to connect my Windows Laptop and MacbookPro  via bluetooth, and when listening to a movie via Bluetooth from my Asus Transformer Prime, I sometimes experience a slight lag. I think the best experience is to pump music from your mobile devices, or of course simply to play the output from your Television. I’ve actually reviewed other Products and solutions, like this Sony 2 Way Bluetooth adapter, but that product is now obsolete in my house and goes to the Craigslist gadget graveyard because of this LG Sound Bar!

LG LSB316 280W Sound Bar Review Booya Gadget
Paired via Bluetooth with 1 of my gadgets

Here is the Video Review for even more helpful information! WATCH THE VIDEO DEMO HERE-> LG Sound Bar Unbox and Review

  • Make sure you see all 27 of my pics associated with this LG Sound Bar review here at Booya Flickr.
  • Read Other Reviews, and Purchase options at Amazon
  • This device has 1 aux input, 2 optical inputs, and USB inputs if you have other gadgets you need to plugin.
  • Grab all your big ass towers, untangle your speaker wires, and decommission your huge receiver. Sell them to a friend or Craigslist and subsidize your own purchase !
  • If selling is not an option, please consider your local electronics recycling location or donate your old equipment to Goodwill or similar.
  • If you match this device to an LG TV, you’ll get additional benefits of synchronized controllers. My TV is Samsung so I don’t get this benefit
  • Some people have complained that the marketing stickers are a PITA to remove.
  • There are a handful of options in the $300 price range, no matter what, I would urge you to consider a sound bar that has built in Bluetooth. Eventually you’ll want to have it !