Booya's TOP 10 Best PS Vita Games and Apps Starter Kit

By Booya Gadget

Here you go, a solid list of first apps to get. Top 10 Games lists don't need much beside the list, and a few notes read and share this article.

PS VIta Best Apps and games Starter Booya
Skype, HSG, MLB, Netflix, Tekken on 1 of my Vita screens

I own the Vita, here are the Free Apps to get day 1. Included, and also important are some of the best and most popular games, some FREE, some expensive as hell. I have a personal crush on Hot Shots Golf, it may be my favorite golf game of all time and is super-fun on the Vita.

If you want to know my full Owner review of the Vita, read my Article: The Best PS Vita Review. The Good, The Bad. Is it Worth it ?

A big PS Vita Tip is that the friggin Playstation Store downloads incredibly slow. Like piss-you-off slow, so I recommend that you actually build your download list on your Playstation 3. Download to your PS3, then use content manager to transfer the games to your Vita. At least start with the apps first, because some games are like 4GB, and take 2 hours + to download. YIKES!


  • Skype
  • Netflix:  A must install for subscribers.
  • Live Tweet(Twitter Client): Grab this for sure, at least to Tweet Screenshots. Surprisingly good, but did not auto complete my tweet.
  • Facebook:  I prefer using FB on my phone, but again, you can attach screenshots.
  • Flickr: if you want to use flickr on a Vita.
  • YouTube(coming soon)
Best Vita Games Hot Shots Golf
My favorite Golf Game of all time #HSG


ModNation Racers:  Love this kart racer, but no online multiplayer. You can compare scores with  friends, and make, upload, share custom tracks

Hot Shots Golf:  This may be my favorite golf game of all time. Challenging single player, and incredible international competition when you head online.

Hustle Kings: ( free if own the PS3 version, consider both )  I owned this on my PS3, so it was FREE for my Vita. A very solid billiards / pool game.

MLB 12 the Show: Plays Great, you can cloud save to the PS3, but I’ve had a tough time getting a full 9 inning online multiplayer game. But they are available.

Uncharted: Sweet game, PS3 quality  if you’re an uncharted fan!  For some reason, I’ve never been hooked on it.

Fifa Demo / Full:  No Virtual Pro or Club, but yes online multiplayer but you have to control the team, not just your VP.

Motorstorm RC:  Kind of a 2012 version of RC Pro Am, sponsored by Scion, this game is FREE and worth a download.

Virtua Tennis 4: A popular, sexy title if you’re into Mobile Tennis. I’d really prefer Hot Shots Tennis Vita version though :(

Augmented Reality: Table Soccer and Cliff Diving. Use the provided AR cards and go cliff diving for points on your coffee table. Literally. It’s worth the exercise at least once.

AR #2: Table Top Tanks ( $1.99  but start with the free Table Soccer and Cliff Diving first )

Check for previously purchased games :) If you’ve purchased PSP games from the Playstation Store, make sure you scan your history and download those games too !

PS Vita CrossPlay games booya
PS Vita CrossPlay games Initial release
PS Vita Twitter Live Tweet Booya Gadget Best
A Pretty Good Twitter app for Vita
Best Vita Games MLB 12 RTTS Mode
Coach Talking to me during Road To the Show MLB 12