How To Screen Capture Diablo 3 on Mac & Windows

By Booya Gadget

If you're a fan of Diablo 3 from time to time you may want to capture some screenshots during the game.

Screen caps are a little different on Mac vs Windows but neither is too hard.

How To Screen Capture Diablo 3 Mac Windows
Sweet graphic cut scene Leah Emotional
WINDOWS and MAC  how to screen cap Diablo 3 Screen Capture
Diablo 3 screenshot, a bunch of loot after boss kill

WINDOWS DIABLO 3 Screen Capture

  • Press the Print Screen button during the game, you will see the game pause for just a split second.
  • On Windows 7 the screenshots for Diablo III will be located in a folder under documents
  • C:/Users//Documents/Diablo III/Screenshots/     or    User -> My Documents -> Diablo III -> Screenshots

MAC DIABLO 3 Screen Capture

  • The easiest method on Mac is to press CMD+Shift+3
  • The screenshots are then saved right to your desktop for you to use
Diablo3 Screenshots location on Windows
my documents / diablo III / Screenshots Folder