iPad iPhone Plague Inc How to win the Fungus Level

By Booya Gadget

Developed by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc is .99 cents and very unique and fun game for the iPad. I am playing it on the iPad3 and sometimes on my iPhone 4.

Your goal is to wipeout civilization by infecting a single country with one of six different plagues:  Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Parasite, Prion, Nano-Virus, and finally the Bio-Weapon. Make the plague spread and try to slow down the scientists out to stop your gaming fun.

I was able to eventually start cruising through all the plagues but I sure got stuck on the FUNGUS Level for way too long! Depending on what you like, this game is definitely worth a dollar and works on BOTH iPad and iPhone. It can get a little redundant, but the way to overcome that is to apply the endless amount of different strategies to take out the world.

Plague Inc How to beat Fungus Level iPad iPhone
With a few tips and strategy you can beat the Fungus Level Now
How to take out the World with Fungus:

The basic strategy is this: infect the world without them knowing it. Have patience and double the game speed. Continue to collect your DNA points and transmissions WILL occur (but slowly). Your disgusting Fungus will continue unstopped as long as humans don’t know they have the infection. So immediately de-evolve all auto symptoms!  Once everyone is infected, CRANK UP the symptoms. Total Organ Failure is a solid choice of symptoms but you can choose whatever as long as you make it extreme. You’ll want to have about 60-70 DNA Points once the entire world is infected.

Plague Inc Fungus No Healthy People Left ipad iphone
Infect the world Symptom Free, Everyone is infected but ZERO DEATHS. THEN CRANK UP THE SYMPTOMS with your 60-77 DNA Points. VOILA

For FUNGUS TRANSMISSION:I just cranked 2-3 levels of Air and Water. Way Later on, you’ll start getting some bonus DNA Points, you can use them on transmission, symptoms, or abilities.

Plague Inc Fungus Transmissions iPad iPhone How To Spoiler Tips
Start off with Air and Wind Transmissions level 2-3

For FUNGUS SYMPTOMS:  IMMEDIATELY De-Evolve any automatic mutations that occur.

Plague Inc Fungus iPad iPhone Initial Symptoms
Until the entire world is infected De-Evolve ALL auto mutations immediately!
Plague Inc Fungus iPad iPhone Crank Up Symptoms
Now Crank Up the Symptoms big time. The humans won't know what hit 'em! Pick your own cause of death. I chose organ failure.

For FUNGUS ABILITIES:  I pretty much cranked up drug resistance abilities to slow down scientists. But they won’t have time to cure it anyways :) MUUUAHAHAHA you evil bastard!!

Plague Inc Fungus Abilities iPad iPhone How to Solve Tips
Slow down the pesky scientists trying to cure the plague and stop you from advancing !