How to use a PS3 Controller for Motorola Xoom Android Games

It is actually quite easy to use your PS3 six axis controller to play games with your Motorola Xoom.   There are a couple gotchas, and you need a few things which I will cover below, but first I want to tell you that I had a very good experience.  Honestly it is not too difficult, the cable is cheap, and it is a very nice experience to use the PS3 controller. Another funky little secret is that the Xoom will actually CHARGE your controller too, a sweet little touch of tech badassness.

PS3 Controller on Motorola Xoom Android Super Mario Kart SNES Booya Gadget

Get the OTG Cable and this works Great! Easy.


This costs a few bucks and works great for my PS3 Controller to drive the Xoom
EBAY: micro USB to USB Female Cable USB-OTG N900

At the time of this article, this setup only works for select games like Cordy ( Android Market ) and mainly ALL the old-school gaming emulators.  Yes, because you can map controller configurations, this works for Nintendo Emulators(like Nesoid), Super Nintendo(Snes9X), Playstation 1(FPSE), and even Atari( Ataroid ).

Much of this ability comes from the Android 3.1 Update for your Android Tablet.  So, while this entire article is focused on the Motorola Xoom, I am confident that it will work on other tablets!  So far, I can use a WiiMote, Ps3 controller, and XBox 360 Controller to drive my beloved tablet.  I assure this works great.   If you’re reading this now with a tablet and are new to Booya Gadget, I’ve actually written a bunch of articles/reviews/and other how to’s for the Xoom if you want to see more!

If you noticed, this is a short article.. That’s because this is an easy project !  Get the OTA cable for  a few bucks, install your favorite emulators from the Android Market ( or apk searches off google ) and the last step is to open your emulator and MAP YOUR KEYS when your PS3 Controller is plugged in.  Booya!


Video Demonstration and Walkthru using the Playstation Controller on my Xoom

If you want to learn a lot about your Xoom or other Android device, I also recommend a visit to Android Central where I hang out a lot.

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  1. bob says:

    hi. i’ve seen your vids (playing via ps3 controller etc) and i wanted to thank you for the demo. i was wondering :
    – have you ever tried with a GCN (gamecube) controller ?
    – the OTG usb thing, is that the same one on this site ?
    ’cause i didn’t get why would he have to buy it from china…

    • BooyaCuz says:

      hey bob,
      I haven’t tried with the gamecube controller, but I’ve seen it mentioned around the web..

      I tried 2 different otg cables, the one I also got from amazon similar to the link you posted did NOT work.
      only the cable from china worked, but maybe there are some in the u.s. now..

      thanks for checking us out. booya !

  2. BooyaCuz says:

    I can now use wiimote, xbox, and Ps3 controllers on my Xoom. Hmm, my favorite is probably a tie between the PS3 and XBox 360 Controllers. Different reasons though, you’ll have to read the book :)