3 Step Tutorial: Upgrade your Android SD Storage after Froyo Update

By Booya Gadget

If you finally got Froyo ( Android 2.2.1 OS ) or you just need to increase the add on storage for your Smart Phone, here's a short walkthrough and tutorial.

Now that I can finally add more apps to myTouch 3g Slide from TMobile, space needs an upgrade.  I cruise through a lot of phones, so I actually had a 16 GB Micro SD Card that I salvaged before recycling my Blackberry Curve.

Since I did the project today, I captured the process with some pictures, and now I’m going to show you how so you can maximize your customer experience with your expensive smart phone. I did this with a 3g Slide, but the concepts apply to ANY Smart phone.  This is far more scary than difficult, you don’t have to call your “tech-buddy”, you can do it yourself with pride and here’s how!

How to Upgrade phone storage Micro SD Card booya Gadget
Micro SD update equipment


For this project, I obviously had an existing Micro SD card ( I chose 16GB), and a Micro SD adapter(Amazon-Link).  These are commonly sold as a bundle now.  If your computer or laptop does not have an SD Card reader built in, then you can also get a USB Micro SD plugin adapter(Amazon-Set) so there’s no reason not to give this a shot because everyone’s computer has USB!  In fact, take a look at your laptop/desktop’s manual, because you may have card Reader that you never even knew you had, well now you get to use it.  So, card reader, or USB adapter and a new bigger storage and you’re set to do this project. You have options.  The only reason I own the Adapter is so I can plug my storage into my HP printer, multi use, I love it but these little bastards are easy to lose so have a “box” to store it in.

upgrade phone storage sd card reader booya gadget
Check Now, does your PC have a Card reader, probably. if not go USB
Step 1: Remove and backup your current card

Power down your phone, remove the back cover or wherever your Micro SD card is stored.  For the myTouch 3g Slide, it’s in the back by the smart card.  Remove the tiny storage card and place it into the adapter.   When you plugin the adapter to your laptop via card reader or USB,  select “view files” to open the card just like any other folder or drive.   COPY THE CONTENTS to an easy to locate folder on your computer, just make sure you remember where the hell you put the folder.  Once you have copied your EXISTING entire Micro SD Card to your laptop, you should begin breathing easier, that is the backup, so you can’t screw up too bad unless you deleted both that backup folder and the actual Storage card.. get it ?

Phone Connected to PC as USB storage by BooyaGadget
View the SD Card as a folder, copy to your PC

Step 2: Re-Load your save to your new card! Almost done baby! **FROM your PC  TO your new fancy BIGGER Micro SD Card

Grab your NEW card insert into your adapter, and copy the files from your backed up folder TO your new card.  Won’t take long, and that is the real magic of the upgrade process. It ain’t tough, you are almost an expert… No need to pay the Geek Squad for this simple rewarding task, because you have BooyaGadget.com! ( yeah, is this worth a like, follow, or sub ?)  Gotcha:  depending on the Micro SD card that you get, your computer may ask you to format the card before you can copy.  Just leave all the defaults, slap a name on it if you want.  ** You may not have to do this, if you do, all you’re doing is prepping your new card for use. No fear, remember your data is backed up on your PC.

During SD CARD Android copy process by BooyaGadget booya
Copying the contents of your SD card

Step 3: Copy your old data to your new Micro SD card and pump your fist in celebration just one time!  You just Booya’d your phone.

Insert your new larger upgraded Micro SD card to your phone.  Put your case back on etc.  You’re done and now a phone upgrade Expert, so you can pay it forward,  then go spend money on apps, and load music / video!

Final Droid Updated with 16Gb Micro SD by BooyaGadget
Look at that storage now! Ready for massive Media or Apps