Android Quick Fix: Phone storage space is getting low Error with Froyo update

By Booya Gadget

Android. Solving Phone storage space is getting low error on old Droids.

Android Phone space storage is NOT LOW Booya Gadget
myTouch now with Froyo

Man, I hated that ”Phone storage space is getting low” error, especially considering I had an 8GB Micro SD card in my phone.  Good news, now that you have Froyo it’s a piece of cake to fix! The low-memory error is one of the main reasons that I personally wanted Froyo so badly, for so long.  Not only did the April 2011 Froyo update to myTouch 3g slide fix that, but I felt it was also time to use my extra 16GB Micro SD Cards-Amazon Link from my retired Blackberry which I show you in another quick writeup.  As a power user, I tend load my smart phone cards up with fun goodies like Nintendo, SNES games, and movies -learn how here, so I like plenty of space!

In this article, I will show you how to utilize the new “Move to SD Card” functionality which works great and swiftly.   I just did all this today, so as customary at Booya Gadget, I documented the whole process to make it simple for you and give you a quick confidence boost, so you can go drop some loot in the Google Play App Store.

Typically, you would want to upgrade / swap out your SD Card first - Click HERE for How to Upgrade your Phone SD Card, before you start moving data to it, but it doesn’t really matter since the backup restore process includes this.  If you just want to get some breathing room on your phone now so you can spend money on sweet apps in the market then let’s move those expensive apps to your plentiful Micro SD Storage.   They’re both easy enough to do, so here are the quick steps to show you it’s simple.  Cavemen have been moving applications to SD Cards since discovering fire.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Go to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications  ( or if you have the nasty-gram message indicating low storage, you can tap that too)
Phone Storage Space is Getting Low booya gadget
Phone Storage Space is Getting Low Nasty-Gram
  • You will now see 4 (New with Froyo 2.2.1) Tabs at the top of your Managed Applications.  It may take a few seconds, but eventually will see all your favorites pop up, they will look familiar to you.  Don’t sweat it if you see system apps first, eventually the correct list will surface, as it seems to take time for your Droid to sort through the apps.
phone space low android Booya Gadget
Downloaded Applications List, Wait for it to populate
  • Now go through your apps, and for each one that you want to move to where it should be simply tap “Move to SD Card” it takes maybe 5-6 seconds for larger apps.  If you want to start with the big boys first, then hit the Menu Button, and you can sort from largest to smallest, a nice touch for a good user experience.
Move Angry Birds to SD Card Booya Gadget Low Storage Android Fix
Move Angry Birds to SD Card
  • You are now a “Move to SD Card Expert”!  BUT, just in case you get rattled at all know that it is perfectly acceptable that some of your apps will not be moveable.  These are system related  built-in app-types that can’t be moved, and you don’t need them to be.  Most any app or game that you download in the future can be stored on SD.  If you feel future installed apps are slow or troublesome, then move them back to the phone in the same manner!  For example Google maps didn’t want to be moved, I didn’t care Angry Birds alone cleared enough room for me, but I still went through and moved everything I could.  This is a 5-10 minute operation.
UnMoveable System Application Google Maps Android Froyo Storage Booya Gadget
UnMoveable System App
Phone Storage Space is getting low MyTouch Froyo update Fix Booya Gadget
Now you have room on internal storage