Best Xoom Apps: Nesoid – Nintendo on Xoom or Android with Wii Remote

By Booya Gadget

I love my Xoom, but being able to play Nintendo 8 bit classics propelled my passion to a whole new level!

android nintendo Wiimote booya gadget
Drive your Xoom, play nintendo with a Wiimote

Besides the popular games like Angry Birds, or Words with friends, I am now able to rock my all time favorite games NES 8 bit system like: Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, RBI Baseball, Super Tecmo Bowl, Super Contra, Mario brothers and a lot more. You don’t need to have a Xoom, the Nesoid app by Yongzh functions on many other Android devices as well. ** ALERT: Update June 2011: Nesoid got Yanked from Android Market, I haven’t found a good replacement yet, but you can google: NESOID APK and do a manual install **

The absolute icing on the cake was being able to play with a Wii remote controller. I stopped by my local Fry’s and picked up the Wii MotionPlus. At this point, I am calling this, “the perfect app”. It is not required that you play with the Wiimote, but it will give you the maximum user experience. It is not difficult to set this up, and the NES “rom files” are so tiny you can easily fit over 100 games on your device. Never again, will you have to blow in the NES box, shake or clean game contact points. Your childhood is now forever preserved in digital format and you can tell your kinder: “You don’t know anything about REAL games, these are the ones that I grew up with”!  Download the Wiimote Control app here.  *Caution these apps do not work on every device.

NES Code to Tyson Booya Gadget
Code to Tyson. You're Welcome

I struggled a bit using only the touch-screen controls on my Xoom and myTouch 3g slide, so after researching I tested the Wiimote Controller application available at the Android Market. This app worked excellent on my Xoom, but did NOT work on my 3G Slide. Nesoid seemed to be more compatible with a wider range of Droid devices so you will want to research *your model* of droid by scanning through the comments in the Android Market or the developers website. NES emulators have been around for a long time, so this is not groundbreaking, but CNet ain’t gonna show you how to make your Xoom dance like Booya Gadget can. Don’t you agree ?

Have we sold you on the Xoom Yet? Here are some purchase options for you.

NES SuperTecmo Bowl HDMI out android booya gadget
NES SuperTecmo Bowl HDMI out on Xoom

File size of NES Roms is amazingly small, 100k’ish on average.  I have 50+ games and it takes up about 10 megs in size that is extremely small.  That means you can have a huge library of your favorite nostalgia games on any device that is able to run the Nesoid App. It works great, and another handy feature of Nesoid is the ability to save your games. Not just “the beginning of a level”, you can save your game easily right in the middle of the action. It is a great user experience, and I throw a virtual high five and BOOYA to the developers of Nesoid and the WiiMote Controller. The magic of using the Wii Motion Plus controller is held in it’s bluetooth connection.

None of this techonlogy ( emulators ) or apps are new, it has been around for years. My own NES Rom files dated 2003 in fact. So there is a lot of information out there already. Connecting my Wiimote to my Xoom took a little while for me to get working optimally so I had to reference a video by Sleepless Ninja on youtube.

This is one of the best applications I have come across so far.  If you’re in your Mid 20’s to 40’s, then you’re probably clicking some links right now and setting it all up!  A must have..

Awesome video demonstration of me playing my favorite Old-School NES games with a Wii Remote on my Xoom