Fisher Price Toddler Tricycle Owner Review

By Booya Gadget

If you're anything like me and you have a young child, you're in a constant search for cost efficient ways to have fun with baby.  That's how I started out on a search for some sort of toy that would keep my now 16-month old son occupied and having fun.

So my wife and I set out on an adventure to our friendly neighborhood Babies-R-Us to locate what we hoped would be a toy our son could grow with.  When we purchased the Rock Roll ‘N Ride Trike our son had just turned one, he was rocketing through clothes, diapers, and toys so fast we literally couldn’t keep up.  The stationary toys no longer seemed to keep his interest and some of the cool older kid toys seemed a little too advanced.

As we strode through the aisles of bright red, yellow, and blue toys it seemed like it would be impossible to find just the right one.  How do we select one toy in a sea of thousands?   Our philosophy going in was probably similar to many other parents world wide; the “biggest bang for your buck” theory.  We want to spend the least amount of money for the most possible enjoyment.  We hit pay dirt when we found the Fisher Price Rock Roll ‘N Ride Trike.

Fisher Price Toddler Tricycle Review BooyaGadget
Stationary Lockdown Mode

What sold me as I spotted the blue, yellow, and orange Trike on the bottom shelf of aisle 6 was the possibilities.  The box clearly pictured the three entirely different functions of this new wave tricycle; a tricycle that simply did not exist when I was a toddler in the late 70’s.  Function 1…the trike on a rocker; stationary and safe, obviously for younger children (recommended minimum age 18mos).  Function 2…a tricycle with a pushing apparatus so a parent can push their young one around the house or down the street.  And finally, function 3…a fully operational stand alone tricycle.  Safe to say I was sold.

Fisher Price Toddler Tricycle review Parent Push BooyaGadget
Parent Push Mode


This Fisher Price Trike that grows with your child seemed reasonably priced at $54.99.  I got it home and immediately immersed in assembly.  The directions were not the most detailed, as you may expect, but it was not difficult to assemble.  All I needed was a phillips screwdriver and a hammer (for the wheel caps).  Total assembly took me around 30 minutes and I am not the most handy man around.  The one difficulty I did have was there were several screws, and about half way through I realized that they all weren’t the same (although they looked similar).  Once I got that figured out, the rest was easy.

Fisher Price Toddler Tricycle Side View Booya Gadget
Freelance Mode Side View


After assembly I was interested to see my son’s response to his new toy.  He checked it out for a while, he would stand by it and hold on to it, but did not attempt to mount it.  I put him on it once without attaching the rocker portion and he didn’t like it at all.  I should have listened to my wife who eloquently stated “he’s too young to ride that thing”.  Okay maybe Mom’s do know best.  So I attached the rocker to the bike, which entailed braces secured by 4 screws on the back tires and a peg through the front tire and Voila…he loved it.


The Fisher Price Trike has become the center piece of our sons play room.  He makes “vroom…vroom” sounds while he rocks back and forth and loves to sit on it while he watches The Wiggles or Thomas and Friends.  As he got older I decided to try out function 2, the parent pushing set up.  He loves that as well, but it wasn’t until he was about 15 months until I tried. Your child needs to be able to be able to hold on firmly to the handle bars to use this function.   I usually just push him around the house, he smiles and enjoys the scenery as it goes by.  He is not old enough yet to reach the pedals so I have not had the opportunity to explore function 3, but with the success and joy the first two functions have brought our son, I am guessing the stand alone tricycle will have a similar effect.


If you are looking to get the most for your money in a longer term toy that your child can grow with…I would strongly recommend that you consider the Triple-Function Fisher Price Rock Roll ‘N Ride Trike. Booya!